Special Interest Group Project: Parent-Teacher Communication

My group made a great academic poster on the subject for our first-year course. Many thanks to Blair Winters, Laura Phillips, and Jillian McSweeney-Nicodemus for their extraordinary contributions. If you wish to access to FULL SIZE (9.7 MB) version of the poster for reprinting, I have posted it at the Internet Archive for your use:


If you just want to see a small JPG of it, feel free to check it out here. The abstract is below, and then you can decide if you need more.


School communities can fail or thrive based on the relationship between educators and parents: all too often, this relationship breaks down due to a number of measurable factors. This project presents a survey of the articles and case studies that compile these factors and try to make sense of the complexities of school-parent contact. From our research, we identified two key questions: why is parent/teacher communication so disconnected? and how can we improve parent-teacher communication? It is important to note that disconnectedness is key to our discussion: teachers and parents want to communicate, but are distanced by virtue of many problems. The first section of our findings addresses why the disconnect happens in four key areas: race and culture, efficacy, socioeconomic status, and perceptions.  The second section presents possible solutions to help the community connect, but instead addresses the players in parent-teacher communication: parents, teachers, students, and tech tools.

Parent Teacher Communication

Our wicked awesome postah!

The podcast is my first enhanced podcast format project. I had fun with GarageBand, Creative Commons, and Pierre Bourdieu. I also discovered the joys of The Internet Archive, a site for public content where you can upload your media. Please check out my first attempt at enhanced podcasting at the Internet Archive:

21st Century Parent Teacher Communications and Technology: A Marxist Paradigm (?)

P.S.: I owe you a cookie if you can find out the title of the LAST song in the podcast. HINT: I chose something…thematic.


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