A Brief Word on Infographics

I think some of us think that infographics are kind of cheesy. I don’t really blame anyone for having this attitude as I mostly agree with that sentiment. However, I like them. I like making them, and I like watching them. They have a cartoonish quality that appeals to the child in me, especially the one who loved Schoolhouse Rock. I still remember the preamble to the US Constitution because of the snappy cartoon that taught me, and even though Interplanet Janet is outdated (poor Pluto!) it is still one of my favorite episodes of the show.

Made with Ease.ly

Infographics feel a lot like Schoolhouse Rock to me. They possess all the qualities of an expertly crafted commercial, with the cartoonishness that drew me in as a child. While I am not a fan of effective product advertising, I admire the process when such a superpower is used for good. Note the infographic I made to illustrate basic ideas about what kids should know versus the standards as outlined for teachers. It’s dual message is clear, but it is not cluttered the way a traditional text-based explanation would be. It works.

I had even more fun making an infographic about infographics for a presentation on the subject. The tools I used were Powerpoint, Wordle, and iMovie. My infographic is the movie at the front, then we had displays of other infographics my classmates did. Watch it below if you are interested.


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