Personal Statements: Using Video as a Platform

I begin by saying that I am a soapbox person. I stand on them frequently and occasionally say something important in the process. While I never expect anyone to agree with what I say, I do expect to believe in it, and that is why I am considering making more videos. Videos really do make belief visible, and too many morally-minded academics don’t take advantage of the medium.

I made a willingly amateurish video on my concerns about Mass Open Online Courses, the latest/greatest/scariest innovation in higher education. I chose ominous space sounds with a cartoon aesthetic to raise an alarm, but to do so with a humored nod to alarmism as well. It is very difficult to predict what MOOCs will become as higher educations struggle with rising costs and shrinking student bodies. As I made the video, I was reminded of exodus spaceship stories common in science fiction, a genre of which I am quite fond. I am also fond of exploding planets as any good Star Wars fan would be.

Call me a Jedi making a stand against the evil empire of mass education. Or something.

Either way, I enjoyed playing with video. Watch it below if you are interested.


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